Elementor #2606

Patrick CAT Test Series

  • Mocks are important as they are a good source to practice. Another important factor is that they help us know where we stand with respect to others. It helps us to understand our strong and weak areas and thus helps us to plan our preparation. If analysed properly it helps us to build a good strategy that helps us to improve our scores.
  • There are some good mocks and not so good mocks. The not so good mocks are ones whose questions are quite different from the type that is asked in the exam and thus writing those does not help us to prepare for the exam. The questions that come in CAT are quite logical and preparing such questions are quite difficult. Secondly a lot of students just write mocks without focussing on analysis which is the key for improvement. One area where students can improve is strategy which makes a huge difference in scores, but that is usually ignored in analysis.
  • Students usually buy test series from big classes. Advantage out there is that you get to know your performance with respect to others, but what actually helps to improve scores is personal feedback. Then students do join free mocks. Free mocks usually do not have CAT type questions.
  • It sometimes helps to join smaller testseries where the focus is on Quality and you get personal feedback on your performance for improvement.
  • At Quoin we try to focus on Quality of questions and not on quantity. So we make only 7 mocks of our own. (For our classroom students we also provide other mocks). We also give personal feedback on strategy to students who write our mocks.