Our goal is to provide best CAT Training to students to help them achieve their career goals through quality training and guidance. The way we are different:

  1. All the lectures are taken by Patrick Dsouza and Rochelle Dsouza.
  2. We teach students with logical way to crack CAT instead of the usual Mathematical way. Almost all the sums that come in the CAT can be solved by our methods.
  3. Only small number of students are taken per batch so that individual guidance and mentoring can be provided.

We are experts in CAT and know how to crack CAT. Our Logical methods of cracking CAT not only helps students who are good, but has also ensured that average students have been able to ace the CAT exam. All our classes are taken by Patrick D’souza and Rochelle D’souza.

Patrick takes up Quant, Logic and Data Interpretation. He has been involved in training students for the last thirteen years. He believes that while solving papers for entrance exams, one needs to innovate and modify one’s strategy to bring out their optimum best.
He has attempted the CAT during the last 12 years and his percentiles are :
CAT Results:

Patrick D’souza has written CAT for the last 11 years. Performance is as follows: 

05 – 99.93%ile, 06 – 99.95%ile, 07 – 100%ile,  08 – 99.98%ile, 09 – 100%ile, 11 – 99.98%ile, 14 – 99.98%ile, 15 – 99.99%ile, 16 – 100%ile, 17 – 100%ile, 18 – 100%ile, 19 – 100%ile

XAT16 and XAT17 – Rank 1 (99.999%ile)

CET 2011, 2012 and 2019 (Maharashtra) – Rank 1

 Rochelle has learnt management from ISB and is equippedwith a degree in education which she uses to fine tune processes in the teaching-learning process. She teaches verbal, reasoning and conducts various workshops for GDPI students. She is a guest faculty at top Management colleges like JBIMS, training students on GDPI for their placements. She believes in nurturing individual talent and working on enhancing students strengths